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TITAN push-pull props – the well-established system

       TITAN RS and TITAN RSK inclined props have
       been proving their benefits on building sites of all
       types and sizes for many decades. And it’s the
       details that are really convincing in terms of every-
       day practice and ease of use:                              Ø 48 mm
       • Handles always within easy reach
       • Connecting pins every 100 mm for quick adjust-
        ment (RS)
       • Exact fine adjustment
        - with collar (RS)
        - with screw jacks both ends (RSK)
                                                                                                      Ø 48 mm

                                                                  Ø 48 mm
                          TITAN RSK

                                           tension and compression

                    Ø 70 mm  Ø 83 mm Ø 108 mm  Can be loaded in

                                       Ø 57 mm

                                               TITAN RS                      Swivel ends allow
                                                                             movement any direction
                                                                             It is easy to move the swivel end
                                                                             into position by turning it about the
                                                                             fixing point and at the same time
            Pin handle                                                       rotating the axis of the prop in order
            alternative: M16 x                                               to simplify erection and avoid further
            80, grade 8.8 bolt                                               restraint.

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