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Standard fixings

            Every push-pull prop must be fixed to the floor and wall via swivel ends. Concrete
            bolts or heavy-duty anchors are used for the fixings. Both single and double
            fixings are possible, but the maximum possible loads must be taken into account.

            Fixing to concrete (wall and floor)                                   Fixing to walings/rails
            Push-pull props are attached to the swivel end with M16 x 80, grade 8.8 bolts or   e.g. TITAN M wall formwork
            pin handles.

              Standard swivel end                Double RSK adapter                Waling adapter
              Fixed with 2 No. M16 bolts. The    for fixing two push-pull props. The   with wedge, suitable for walings
              oversized Ø27 mm hole compen-      built-in stopper lug prevents props   made from pairs of 100 mm steel or
              sates for inaccuracies when instal-  from folding up during repositioning   aluminium channels.
              ling anchors with ±5 mm tolerance.   by crane.                       adjustable, 145–155 mm
              Fits RS, RSK and Alu-BKS push-                                       perm. load: 5 kN
              pull props.

                       17.5     17.5    27      17.5            17        50
                                 – 5  + 5

              Note on single fixings:
              Swivel ends with single fixings are
              used when the push-pull prop cannot
              be positioned at 90° to the element
              requiring support.
               When using a single fixing, the push-
              pull prop should be set up at an angle
              of approx. 45° so that no additional
              eccentricity moment occurs.

                                                                      ~ 45°

 4 4                                                                                                              5 5
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