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Rules of thumb for the use of push-pull props

       1 Length* of push-pull prop
         The length of the push-pull prop should be equal to the
         height of the element requiring support.
       2 Height of anchorage
         The height of the anchorage must comply with the require-                                     2
         ments of the precast concrete element supplier. In normal                                    ca.
         cases the anchorage point is located at 2/3 the height of                                    2/3
         the element requiring support.                                             H    1   H         H

       3 Number of push-pull props
         Every element should be supported by at least two push-
         pull props.
       4 Two fixings for swivel ends
         Two fixings should be used to attach each swivel end to
         the element requiring support and to the floor.
         NOTE: Single fixings are possible, but in this case the
         push-pull prop should be set up at an angle of approx. 45°                             ~ 45°
         so that no additional eccentricity moment occurs.

         *Note: The length calculation does not take account of the loads
         occurring. These must be calculated separately.

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