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The right push-pull prop for every job

       Whether made from steel or lightweight
       aluminium, the four products in the
       ISCHEBECK push-pull prop range
       are ideal for the quick alignment and
       secure support of precast concrete
       elements as well as wall and column
       formwork. In terms of the heights and
       angles possible, this versatile, coordi-
       nated range is flexible and economic.
       All TITAN push-pull props are suitable
       for tension and compression loads.
       The movable end fittings enable the
       props to be set up at any angle.

                                           TITAN RS push-pull prop            TITAN RSK push-pull prop
                                           The tried-and-tested inclined prop   Inclined prop with screw jack at
                                           with quick adjustment              both ends
                                           • Available in three lengths       • Available in five lengths
                                           • Suitable for tension and com-    • Suitable for tension and com-
                                             pression                          pression
                                           • Connecting pins every 100 mm     • Exact fine adjustment
                                             for quick adjustment
                                           • Collar for exact fine adjustment

                                                          1.70 to 4.30 m                   0.90 to 7.60 m

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                                                               information             > For further information
                                                            see pages 6–9                      see pages 6–9

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